On Mars, there are two major countries, each with a rich history and culture. The Appledors are very philosophically enlightened, being lovers of human dignity and an ethical society. They reject violence as a means of solving problems. They also hold that morality and ethics are social constructs, although they’re quite pleased with their own. The Orangians also are informed by great thinkers, though of a more martial tendency. They reject the Appledorian heresy that morality is relative, and insist that all Martians are under the moral law of their god, O. 

Now it came to pass that Orangia decided to destroy their atheistic neighbors and launched a full scale assault on Appledo. Although a few Orangians objected, these were thrown into prison and treated harshly. The Appledors, thrown into crisis by the Orangian aggression, turned to their greatest philosopher for answers.

When asked about the evil of the invasion, he pointed out that he couldn’t apply Appledor morality to the Orangians and had no grounds with which to condemn it other than that he disagreed with it personally. “They are undoubtedly intellectually wrong in thinking that their morals apply to us, but I cannot find them morally wrong for acting in accordance with what they believe.” Concerning the plight of the Orangian dissenters, he again pointed out that Appledor morality applied to neither the dissenters nor their persecutors, all that was certain was that the dissenters had acted immorally by opposing the morality of their society. At this point the frustrated Appledors asked him what could be done. “Currently we are bound by our pacifist morality, but as morality is under our control, it might be prudent to change it under these circumstances.” 

Seeing the wisdom of this, the Appledors convened a Morality Convention. Although they originally intended only to create a clause authorizing self defense, one radical delegate spoke so movingly, that the Convention decided that Orangians were not worthy of life, and to kill one under any circumstances was not only permissible, but commendable.

The two nations are at war to this day. Owing to the cruel atrocities committed by both sides, it seems likely the war will not end until one or the other is completely destroyed.