Naked I was brought to stand
On trial before the Throne
Hands bound, head drooped before my Judge
The Judge of all the earth
Intense Glory Majestic Beauty
I hid my eyes in shame
His Light went through my very flesh
Between us was the Pit
The chasm opened wide before me
Utter cold and deep
Darkness opened wide its mouth
Eager to receive
I stared with fascination dread
At the doom I knew was mine
My guilty heart beat frantically
My legs were made like grass
Then stepped up my accuser-foe
His eyes pierced mine with hate
The prosecutor terrible
Set forth his perfect case
Witness after witness came
And told of all I’d done
How I’d served myself alone
Despised my fellow man
Cheated, lusted, lied and schemed
Reviled Creator God
I shuddered at the testimony
My blackest heart laid bare
My shoulders bowed beneath the weight
I crumpled to my knees
When he was done, a silence fell
And then God spoke to me
“Son of Adam, what canst thou say
In thine own defense?”
But I cannot deny one word
For all of it was true
Regret and fear pour out in sobs
I waited for the push…
A voice like silver split the air
Like music on the hills
“Judge him not, he is Mine”
The Son came down
to me
“Fear not child, you are Mine
For I have chosen you.”
His hand rested upon my head
His Life stirred in my veins
His voice again, like thunder now
That shook the deepest space
“Who will deny me this my right?”
His eyes with fire blazed
“Death, I have defeated thee
Go to thine own place
Satan, haste. And darken not
Our Heaven with thy face”
“Father, look Thee on my wounds
And satisfy Thy Wrath
For such as him did I endure
The horror of Thy cross”
The Savior bent and cut my bonds
And raised me to my feet
Took off His robe and clothed my back
To God presented me
I searched the space before me, but
The pit I could not see
And now I found that I could feel
The grass between my toes
The Light Divine shone brighter now
Then when I had arrived
But with my new eyes purified
I looked
I saw God’s face

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